Welcome to Boost Basketball, home of the Boost Basketball System. By having found and visited this site you have already taken a huge step in achieving your basketball goals. It takes motivation and determination to improve in anything, and simply by finding this site you are already demonstrating that you have the motivation to become a threat on the basketball court.

The Boost Basketball System is designed to significantly improve players of all levels. There is no limit to how far the Boost System can take you, except your desire and determination. No matter where you are at in your basketball development, the Boost System will work for you. What the Boost Basketball System offers is a specially designed and proven method of teaching the techniques and skills needed to be a great basketball player.

I designed the Boost Basketball System through years and years of coaching. I started working with players from youth basketball to high school and eventually working with them one on one to play at the collegiate level. I saw players working so hard to improve their basketball but all that work wasn’t gaining them improved stats. They were working with private coaches, playing on multiple teams and spending time practicing on their own.

These players looked great running through drills and looked amazing on an empty court. But the second the game started the skills weren’t coming out. One of these players approached me and said “coach I spend so much time practicing but it’s not helping me, can you help me?”

That was the beginning of the Boost Basketball System. I had this player come to the gym and run through the workouts they were doing. All I did was watch. I was actually impressed, they had developed a great shot and were pretty accurate, they had a good feel for the ball and were very basketball smart.

After watching the player for a few days, I interrupted their workout and told them “you are about five small details and a slight tweak in how you run your training sessions from being a standout basketball player”. I told them to come back to the gym the next day and I would have a workout designed for them.

The player came back the next day and I handed them a workout. They looked over it and got a confused look, “coach this is the same workout I have been doing”. I went on to explain that it wasn’t the drills that were keeping the player from reaching their goals but that it was the manner in which they were running the drills.

A long story short is that this player wasn’t practicing in a manner that simulated game situations. We can only execute in a game what we practice. So this player, as good of a skill set as they had, wasn’t prepared to execute these skills in a game.

I began working with this player on regular basis and they quickly became a leading scorer and true standout. Truth be told, this was a simple fix because the player had already developed a strong skill set and only lacked the ability to use it.

Like in any other business success leads to more business. Once this player began excelling on the court people wanted to know how they did this and I began getting requests to work with players. It was at this point that I thought, I really need to develop this method into a structured system.

This was early in my coaching career and I knew that to really make a great program I needed to get input from some experienced and successful coaches and players. Thankfully I had a great network which allowed me to access some great basketball minds. Through this collaboration the first version of the Boost Basketball System was born.

The Boost Basketball System consists of a series of programs. Each program is specifically designed to improve an area of your game. Each program has carefully selected drills that are run in a very specific manner. While all the drills are not proprietary to Boost Basketball, the way we run them and the details we add to them is. These drills are then put into workouts. The workouts are put together through an exact method to ensure that you do not waste any time and see results as fast as possible.

Over the years of putting players through the Boost Basketball System it has continued to evolve into what it is today. The drills have been improved to maximize your retention and ability to use the skills you develop in game time situations to directly improve your stats. The workouts have also evolved, we watch our players and see what combination of drills works best and leads to the greatest success.

I have a true love for the game of basketball and helping players reach their potential. I believe completely in this program and wanted to give as many players as I could the opportunity to use the Boost Basketball System to lead them to success. I realized that it would be impossible to reach all the players that I wanted on a one on one training platform. I realized the internet would be the best way to reach players. I was a little worried that the some of the coaching would be lost through the use of videos, but I beyond happy with the videos and content.

I worked hard on the videos for the website to ensure that all the details of the drills were clearly conveyed. Through the website you also have direct access to me and to other players going through the system. This makes it easy to get any questions or concerns addressed immediately.

I know that you will find success through the use of the Boost Basketball System. We make it super simple for you, just follow what we lay out for you and you will have no choice but to improve!

To your success,
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Coach Tate