How to Give Insane Value to Your List,
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Coach Tate here...

I know you're busy, so I'll get right to the point.

As a potential affiliate for the Boost Basketball Program, my job is to make you money. Period.

However, it's also more than that. Promoting the Boost Basketball Program should be the single best affiliate experience you've ever had - or I'll be pissed. Seriously pissed...

Whether it's getting you your commission checks as fast as possible… helping you create special emails for your list - anything you need to make money and feel great about being our affiliate... we'll do it!

So feel free to make any request or ask any question you'd like.

We know the more money you make, the happier you'll be. And so we'll stop at nothing to help you get the most from each promotion or email you send out.

One of The Best Basketball Programs
Available Anywhere At Any Price

UOP Intro

I know that everyone is proud of their program - but I'm especially proud of ours. The Unstoppable Offense Program is a complete program that covers everything - from shooting to agility and more.

It took nearly a year to plan, shoot, edit and then put together in a seamless membership experience.

Everything is professionally produced - and each video is broken down with clear explanations, slow motion footage, and then full speed illustrations. So there's never any guesswork or confusion.

Crazier yet, we deliver over 66 Videos, Complete Workouts, a QuickStart Guide and more – for just $67. It's an amazing value, possibly the best in the entire industry.

And that means that those on your list will love you for sharing the Boost Unstoppable Offense Program with them.

Killer Unannounced Bonuses -
All Totally Free

As if everything we offer in the product itself wasn't enough, we also give your customers a variety of powerful unannounced bonuses that others would charge hundreds of dollars for.


So far, members have been totally blown away by the program itself - and bonuses are the icing on the cake.

"Coach Tate, I'm just shocked by how much you include in the Unstoppable Offense Program. It's insane! I especially loved the "20 Minute Handles" bonus, it rocked and helped me more in one week than my coach helped me all last year."
– Marcus F. Orange, CA

We'll probably add more bonuses as time goes on – because we simply love to over-deliver.

Nothing makes us happier than an affiliate telling us their customer sent in a "thank you" note... all because he simply introduced that customer to the Unstoppable Offense Program.

We want to make you look good. We want you to look wise for promoting us, to be the hero to your list. And you will be.

Especially with...

Powerful Copy That Converts Like Crazy

Now, I'll be the first to admit... I wrote a lot of our initial copy, and I'm no copywriter... however, we did have it looked over and edited by one of the best copywriters on the web.


And that makes all the difference. This is a guy who routinely takes offers with a 20 or 30 cent EPC... fixes the copy… and quickly gets the EPC to a dollar or more.

He's badass. In fact, he wrote the swipe emails that you'll find in the JV center.

Heck, if you're a good affiliate, we might even be able to talk him into writing a custom email for you and your list, at no charge.

THAT is how committed we are to you getting the conversion and EPC you need to profitably promote this offer.

3 Optimized Ways to Sell

With the Unstoppable Offense Program, you have three powerful ways to promote - it all depends on what your list will respond to best...


Most importantly, we believe in constantly split-testing and optimizing each page to ensure the best possible conversion at any given moment.

Which ever page you choose to drive your traffic to, we'll support you 100% with ads or email copy to ensure your efforts are a success.

First Class Treatment of Your Customers

Of course, great conversion isn't enough. Our worst nightmare would be if a customer got pissed off because you emailed him about the Unstoppable Offense Program.

We want every customer to be blown away when they first enter the program - and totally taken care of over time.

That means, you have our word:

  • We'll never bombard our list with excessive or hypey emails...
  • We'll never promote BS products that don't work or that we don’t believe in...
  • We'll always make sure that those on our list are treated perfectly, while your commissions are being maximized every step of the way.

Speaking of which...

Big Commissions - For Life

You already know about our copy, and about how we're always testing, tweaking and improving it with continual optimization...

Now let's talk about your commissions.

1) You'll get 75% of the first sale (product price is $67) – which is an insane value... and...

2) You'll get 50% of the upsells (or anything else your customer buys going forward on the backend) .

We WANT you to make a boatload of money in commissions. Nothing makes us happier than sending you big checks each month. Nothing!

Boost Basketball Affiliate Payment

And with everything we have planned for additional programs, upsells, cross-sells that will occur in the membership area and more - you stand to earn many checks every time you hit the "send" button.

How to Get Started TODAY

The Boost Unstoppable Offense Program is live – you can become an affiliate today and begin mailing (and earning commissions) just hours from now.

Just fill out the simple form below or above on this page, and we'll register you to our affiliate list.

From there, if you qualify, you'll get a login to the member's area where you can see the entire program...

Plus, you'll get a login to the affiliate area where you can access killer swipe emails, PPC Ads, Awesome Banners, Blog Articles and more.

It's that easy.

So what are you waiting for? Become an affiliate for the Unstoppable Offense Program Today – and we'll reward you and those on your email list.

You're just a simple "send" away from making money with this offer, making your customers happy, and collecting checks in the process.

What could be better than that?

I look forward to welcoming you as an affiliate and can’t wait until I start making you money.

Coach Tate