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VSL Swipe Email #01

Subject 01: 1 Weird Trick for an Unstoppable Offense
Subject 02: The #1 Most Valuable Basketball Skill

Let's face it...

If you could consistently score 20-30 points per game...

If you could "take over" the 4th quarter at will...

Or if you were the guy that your coach trusted to take the
last shot...


And you definitely would NOT need to watch this video.

Because you'd probably be out getting courted by every major
college, even before you were "officially" eligible.

As you know, nothing is more valuable in basketball than scoring.
It's what gives you noticed, gets you played... and ultimately
could get you paid.

If you're the guy with "unstoppable offense" -- you're about as
rare as it gets in this game.

And that's what makes this new video from Coach Tate–
creator of the Unstoppable Offense Program -- so powerful.

Inside it, you'll discover the "inside road" to honing your
offensive skills in ways even the most elite college players
don't even know about.

It's also why this video is making some coaches pretty mad.

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VSL Swipe Email #02

Subject 01: Why Basketball Coaches HATE Him...
Subject 02: Coaches Hate Him With a Passion

Coach Tate doesn't mind being called names...

Certainly not by know-it-all coaches who don't have CLUE how
to turn you into an unstoppable offensive weapon.

That's why his new video is so controversial and not winning
him any friends.

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Look, you don't have to be a one-dimensional offensive

With what Coach Tate shows you, you'll have dozens of ways
to score at your disposal... your defender will always be on
his heels... and you'll dominate the game anytime you want.

But don't take my word for it...

Just check out some of the crazy stories he talks about in the video:

The Secret to Unstoppable Offense <-- CLICK HERE

There's no faster way to fix holes in your offensive game –
and quickly become the player who can take over anytime.

You can get started TODAY.

Beginning with this informative video presentation.

This is the best thing you'll do for your game all year, so
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I'll talk to you soon,


VSL Swipe Email #03

Subject 01: If You FAIL As a Basketball Player, This Will Be Why...
Subject 02: The Secret Reason Why Talented Players Go Nowhere...

If you've ever wondered what separates the Division 1 or
even the pro basketball player from guys who never
do anything...

I'll tell you: It has virtually NOTHING to do with hard work!

Why? Because everyone at the elite level works hard. That is NOT
the deciding factor.

That's why I was so shocked when I saw this video:

The Secret Reason Basketball Players Fail <-- CLICK to watch

In that informative presentation, you’ll learn exactly why a
talented player can work his butt off... and still go
absolutely nowhere in his career.

Talent is not the deciding factor... neither is hard work.

So what is?

CLICK HERE to discover the secret reason why most players

You'll be surprised...

But more importantly, you'll see what you can do -- TODAY
-- to not fall victim to the pitfalls that sink 99% of the
other players out there.

This is your opportunity to change your fate as a player...

Don't miss this chance.


P.S. -- I've talked a lot about failure in this short email,
but the good news is that once you understand how guys
sabotage their success, you'll almost instantly speed your
progress and game day results.

VSL Swipe Email #04

Subject 01: Can a Sniper Target Make You a Lights-Out Shooter?
Subject 02: Weird "Target" That Instantly Boosts Shooting Accuracy

What if you could literally "trick" yourself into becoming a
lights-out shooter?

Well, Coach Tate doesn't just believe that... he KNOWS it.

And that's why he's the enemy of so many mediocre coaches
who train players for years without ever really helping
their shot, or scoring ability.

With Coach Tate, he just needs an hour and he'll almost immediately
make you a better scorer...

Just like he explains on this controversial new video...

CLICK HERE to watch it now.

Yes, one hour is all he needs to remove the biggest barrier
holding you back...

But give him a month and he'll make you an unstoppable scorer.

Best of all, he actually PROVES it time and time again.

CLICK HERE to watch him break down how the process works.

Some of the scoring tricks he teaches you are pretty
sneaky... but they work.

And they're not unethical, because often the person you're
tricking isn't your opponent...


You've never seen a video like this before, because this is
the first time Coach Tate has stepped out into the spotlight
and revealed all that he knows.

CLICK HERE to watch his online presentation before it's
taken down.

If you do nothing but watch it from beginning to end, you'll
be mentally ahead of 90-99% of all the other guys out
there -- including the best guys on your team.

Watch it now before you forget.


LFSL Swipe Email #01

Subject 01: 3 Secrets for Scoring 30+ Points Per Game...
Subject 02: The Single Fastest Way to Score 30+ Per Game...

Scoring isn't as hard as it seems...

The key is to STOP making the mistakes that actually PREVENT
you from realizing your full potential as a scorer.

That's what this no-cost report is all about:

Secrets for Scoring 30+ Points Per Game <-- CLICK HERE

It will show you:

  • - Why training (in the right way) trumps genetics every time!
  • - How to almost immediately begin padding your stats,
    beginning in your very next game...
  • - The "one thing" missing from the training program of 99%
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And so much more.

CLICK HERE to get access to this "30+ Points Per Game"
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By the end of it, you'll be crystal clear on exactly how you’re
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It's much easier than you think.


Coaches VSL Swipe Email #01

Subject 01: 3 Elite Coaching Techniques to Win Basketball Games
Subject 02: #1 Coaching Secret All the Top Coaches Use - Do You Know It?

Let's face it...

If you could get your team to score at will...

If you could get them working as a single, "cohesive" scoring unit...

And develop an offensive powerhouse that could punish defenses...


And you definitely would NOT need to => Watch This Video

Because you'd probably already have your shelf lined with championship trophies and your voicemail would be full with messages from scouts interested in your players.

As you know, winning basketball games comes down to 2 critical factors. The ability to control the opposing team (defense) and being able to PUT BIG POINTS ON THE BOARD.

Intensity and determination from your players can get you the defense.

But an "Unstoppable Offense" on the other hand is a compilation of 100's of skills and mechanics fused into a team dynamic!

And that's what makes this new video from Coach Tate, creator of the Unstoppable Offense Program -- so powerful.

Click Here to Watch the Video Now <= Watch it Here

Check out what San Jose State University D1 Coach Cecilia R. says about Coach Tate's Unstoppable Offense Program:

"As a former division I athlete...Boost basketball is where I would go to get me ready for the season. I would recommend Boost basketball to any coach or instructor who wants to shorten the learning curve. Now as a Division I college basketball coach I integrate Boost Basketball Drills into my practice. Boost Basketball will make you better!"

Inside it, you'll discover the "inside road" to developing a complete team of scorers. You’ll never depend on a single player to carry your team. Every single player will be able to step up and make the play.

It's also why coaches all over the world are racing to watch it!

CLICK HERE to watch it before it gets taken down.


Making the Team FREE - Swipe #01

Subject 01: Dominate Basketball Tryouts [Free Video]

Hey [Name],

Its that time of year.

Its prep time...

No, not for a mid term or an exam.

It's time to get your handles dialed, your shots dropping and vertical jump maxed out so you can absolutely dominate basketball tryouts, they're coming fast.

Are you prepared? Don't answer too quick because it's a trick question.

  • No matter how prepared you think you are...
  • No matter how much time you spent sweating beads in in the gym this summer...
  • No matter how dominant you've been in pickup games...

If you don't know the 8 Tryout Selection Factors that every basketball coach looks for during tryouts, then you aren't prepared.

And what I know is that most players aren't prepared.

Watch this Free Video that reveals all the Tryout Selection Factors you must know to make your team!

This short video will give you the upper hand in tryouts, and...

Turn you into the player who has the powerful "Tryout Trifecta".

You can access this free video for a limited time here:

Best regards,
[Affiliate Name]

Making the Team FREE - Swipe #02

Subject 01: Subject: Wanna Dominate Basketball Tryouts? [Free Video]

Hey [name],

Basketball tryouts are coming fast...

Have you put in the work this off season to guarantee your place on the team?

Well, even if you haven't, its OK...

I found this Free Video from Legendary Basketball Trainer, Coach Tate, and he reveals the truth about what it takes to make your team.

He calls them the Tryout Selection Factors! And there's 8 of them.

What's amazing is that these selection factors have nothing to do with your basketball skillset.

Let me tell you...

If you go into tryouts without knowing these Tryout Selection Factors you are risking your whole season and career.

Get the insider information from the Coach who knows and get the secrets to lock down your spot on your team.



[Affiliate Name]

Making the Team FREE - Swipe #03

Subject 01: Breeze Through Basketball Tryouts [Free Video]

Hi [Name],

There's nothing like playing on your schools basketball team:

  • Traveling with your friends...
  • The insane attention from the kids who wish they were you...
  • Competing with everything you have...
  • Hearing the crowd chant your name...
  • Being the hero at the after party.

These are some of my favorite memories, and why I knew I had to share this Free Video with you when I found it.

Because - in order to have those memories, you first have to make the team!

With this video though and you won’t have to worry about that...

Professional Basketball Trainer, Coach Tate reveals the 8 Tryout Selection Factors that all but guarantee your spot on your school's team.

The best part...

These selection factors have nothing to do with your basketball skillset.

In fact, you can make the team even if you're the worst player on the court.

Don't believe me???

Just Check Out This Free Video

Good luck,
[Affiliate Name]

Making the Team FREE - Swipe #04

Subject 01: Easiest Way To Make The Basketball Team [Video]

Hey [Name],

Time is running out...

I've been getting the word out about this Free Video that literally shows you how to dominate your basketball tryouts...

No matter your basketball skillset!

I actually talked to the creator of the video this morning (one of the most sought after basketball trainers around, Coach Tate).

Coach Tate told me that this video is about to be removed for good!

I wanted to get this final notice out, in case you haven't seen this video yet.

Coach Tate reveals the 8 Tryout Selection Factors that every coach in the country looks for in every player.

So check it out now before it's too late…your basketball future could be riding on it.

Don't Miss Out, See The Video Here

[Affiliate Name]

Article Swipe #1

Top Factor to Scoring BIG Points!

Determining a basketball player's overall "offensive worth" is something I do often as a coach. I have to have some way to scout a player and figure out what their offensive potential is. Of course I look at stats, FG%, 3PT%, PPG, FT%, etc. These are definitely important but they're often misinterpreted.

You need to look at more than just those stats, you need to look at how those stats were achieved. What made the stats what they are?

The number one thing that contributes to those stats being impressive is ball handling and your handles.

All those stats come from first creating the opportunity, and 80% of the time that was through ball handling and dribble moves.

So when players ask me how to see big increases in their offensive stats, I tell them, "yea your shot is important, but you'll never have the opportunity to get a good shot off if you don’t have the handles to create the shots".

Obviously the conversation with the player then turns to basketball dribbling drills. And which ones they should do and which ones they should avoid like the plague. Believe me, not all dribbling drills are created equal, you can waste a lot of practice time with the wrong drills if you aren't careful.

The key to any basketball dribbling drill is intensity. Now, part of that is on you. You can slack off at any drill no matter how great it's designed. But, assuming you bring intensity to your training. There are a lot of basketball dribbling drills that are setup in a way that make it impossible to run them at game time intensity.

If you're using any basketball dribbling drills where you feel like they're forcing you to move at a slower than game pace. Toss them out, burn them, forget them!!! They will not only hold you back from hitting your potential, they will actually send you in the reverse direction.

The only exception to that rule is if you are using stationary dribbling drills at the beginning of your workouts. But, if you are relying on these stationary dribbling drills to get you unstoppable handles, you will be thoroughly disappointed. Stationary dribbling drills are great to get you warmed up, focused and to gain ball control. But they will never get you the handles you need to beat defenders.

You have to incorporate drills that are run at a game pace and re create game situations. It always baffled me how coaches would teach their player basketball dribbling drills that didn't mirror a game in anyway, and then expect their players to be able to execute come game time.

Analyze your dribbling drills. Can you see how the drill directly reflects an in game scenario? If not, they are probably worthless.

Now once you have these basketball dribbling drills that you can see reflect game situations, it's on you to bring game time intensity to the training.

Like I said earlier, you can slack off on the best drill and make that drill worthless. So be sure that once you have those great drills you keep them great. You have to picture a defender, you have to see and hear the crowd, you have to go just as hard as you would in a game.

The next progression is to actually add in a defender. But I see players make some big mistakes when they do this. They add in a defender, but the defender already knows what you're going to do. This isn’t realistic and one of two things will happen. Either the defender will constantly beat you because they are playing you knowing what you are going to do. Or they exaggerate the other way, and make it too easy to beat them. Either way you won't get good feedback as to how good you can execute the move.

So, when you add in a defender they should have no idea what you are trying to do. They should "D" you up as if they were guarding you in a game, and they should go 100%.

Another piece of advice is to have several moves to work on when you bring in a defender. If you try the same thing over and over you will revert back to the defender knowing what you are going to do. If you can keep switching it up it will keep your defender guessing and mirror a game.

Using these training techniques will bring your ball handling to a new level and ultimately lead to easy shots, layups, assists and trips to the free throw line.

Article Swipe #2

Training Secrets of the Basketball Elite

A basketball training program is a must have for any aspiring player. A training program will layout all of your training in a coordinated way. Without this layout, you are justtaking it day to day. The day to day method will never ensure that you are hitting all the training aspects you need.

A basketball training program will give you a path to follow and a historic reference to look back on. You need both of these to make sure your training is actually leading to success. If you spend two months training and aren't seeing results, you need to be able to look back at exactly what you did. Now you can make changes. Without knowing what you did, you won’t know what failed.

The other huge advantage to a basketball training program is that when your workouts are mapped out it makes it a lot harder to slack off. You can look at your week and know exactly what you are going to do. Without this structure it's too easy to make spur of the moment changes or put off a workout.

As important as having a basketball training program, is having the right training program. You can waste precious time on the wrong training program and get nowhere with it.

There is a lot of pressure on you to select the right training program and it can seem overwhelming. But I have some guidelines for you to follow to make sure you select a great training program.

  1. WHO MADE IT? - Who put the training program together? Can they provide testimonials from players who use the program? You want a program from a trusted coach, research them, demand testimonials and see how many other players are using the program.

    Also, beware if the person behind the training program is using their own success as a selling point. Playing and coaching are two very different animals and just because a player found success, it doesn't mean that they know how to train you and put together a training program. That takes a coach!
  2. ARE THE DRILLS TOO SIMPLE or TOO COMPLEX? - Look at the drills that makeup the workouts. There are two things you need to look out for. The first is the workout with overly simple "rec league" drills. If you look at the drills and can't see them converting to in-game success, then it's probably too simple of a training program.

    On the other hand, some coaches create crazy drills just so they are original and look impressive. With these types of drills you spend all your time trying to learn the drill, rather than building your basketball skills.

    You want drills that will build a skill set that will actually be useful in a game.
  3. IS YOUR WHOLE TRAINING OUTLINED? - There should be more to your basketball training program than just basketball drills. To be a successful player at high levels you need to have strength, speed, explosiveness, quick feet and stamina. If your training program doesn't address these, that means you will have to go out and get a separate training program specific for those. A great basketball training program will incorporate all those directly into the training.
  4. DOES THE TRAINING LOOK EXCITING AND FUN? - If you look at the training program and it doesn't excite you, you are setting yourself up for failure. You want to look forward to your training not dread it. So, if your workouts look boring and monotonous it will probably be struggle for you to get out and train.
  5. DOES THE PROGRAM PROGRESS WITH YOU? - If you're in a great basketball training program you should expect to see great results. So as you improve you will need your drills to progress with your skills. Make sure that the training program allows for this. You don't want to be at level "Z" doing drills from level "X".

If you follow those guidelines when selecting your training program you will end up with a great basketball training program.

Article Swipe #3

Score Big Like Kobe

The most important choice a serious basketball player has to make during their career is which basketball workout program to use. Choosing the wrong program can have big consequences, lost time, developing bad technique and lost motivation, just to name a few.

Basketball workout programs will vary significantly from coach to coach. There isn’t necessarily one program that is right and the rest are wrong. But there are plenty that are just flat out worthless!

I see a lot of coaches putting players on basketball workout programs that make me cringe. The sad thing is that these players are putting all their trust into these coaches and their workout programs.

I've spent a lot of time talking with top basketball players and coaches. I always pick their brains about what makes a great basketball workout program. And while all their programs vary in exactly what drills they use, they all have some major things in common. But the one thing that all these players and coaches agree on is that there are two major keys to any basketball workout drill.

Intensity. This is the number one ingredient to training for success. So many players train at 75% and expect to play at 100%. Bring intensity into your basketball workouts and make sure that the drills you use demand this intensity.

Could a NASCAR driver practice racing at 80 MPH and then expect to go race at 200 MPH? No chance, so why do so many basketball players expect that they slack in their training and dominate in a game?

Game time. Always remember what you are training for. You aren't training to be a great in-practice player. You are training to dominate come game time. So why waste time on drills that won't develop the skills you can use come game time?

Here's the perfect example. Players shooting 500+ shot reps for a shooting workout. I see this all the time, players going around the perimeter putting up shot after shot. Well, the shooting part isn’t bad, but this doesn’t replicate at all how your shots will be in games.

Every shot you take in practice (with the exception of form shots and free throws) should have a specific move leading into it. In other words, in a game what is creating the shots? Coming off a screen, your handles, pullback, etc. Every shot you take in practice should have one of these moves leading into it. If it doesn’t, you are only training to be a successful in-practice shooter.

I want to add in one last factor. That's consistency. But you could look at consistency as motivation and determination too. If you truly want to develop unbelievable skills, it takes practice. And hitting the court a couple times a week won't suffice.

A lot goes into training properly but the factors I just covered are at the top of the list. Get the right basketball workout program, train with intensity, train for the game and train consistently. Do this and you are on your way to big things!

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