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Secrets To Getting Recruited And A Basketball Scholarship

So you say you want to play in college, but do you really want to play in college, or are you all talk? Because if you really want to play college basketball, we’re here to help, because the dirty little secret is that almost every high school basketball player in America (and even some who […]

Elite Point Guard Basketball Training Drills

Basketball coaches have coined a term that is all the rage these days: the “combo guard.” The combo guard is supposedly a combination of a point guard and a shooting guard in that they create for others, but also have the ability to score. I say supposedly because the combo guard is really a guy […]

Shut Down Even The Most Dominate Post Players

So your rival has a dominant low post presence. He’s got your tallest guy by six inches and thirty pounds, he’s got touch like Kevin McHale and he passes like Bill Walton. In a word, he’s unguardable. Or is he? Defense is a funny thing in basketball, because for 95% of teams and players, it […]

The Magic Basketball Shooting Drill

How many times have you heard someone tell you that there are no magic basketball shooting drills? That to become a better shooter, its not WHAT you are doing, but HOW you are doing it? Those people will tell you that the drills that you do don’t matter as long as you are doing them […]

Shatter Backboards With These Basketball Training Drills

Have you ever finished your basketball training drills, gone to sleep, and woken up to an uncontrollable spasm in your hamstring or calf? This is called a cramp (or charley horse), and can be incredibly painful. If you’ve never gotten one, consider yourself lucky, as the soreness from a particularly severe cramp can last for […]

Finish Like A Pro With These Basketball Training Drills

Think back to the first time you played organized basketball. You probably started with some dribbling, then some passing, and then if you were lucky somebody’s father decided it was time to teach everybody how to do a proper layup. That went something like this: “Start at the 3-point line. Take as many dribbles as […]

Basketball Coaching To Unleash Your Team’s Offense

In basketball, coaching an offense seems simple. You have an All-Star post player? THROW HIM THE BALL! You have a point guard who is great at drawing defenses and kicking to shooters? RUN PICK AND ROLLS TO GET HIM INTO THE LANE! You have the best jump shooter in the state? GET HIM 10 THREES […]

The Dangers Of Stationary Dribbling Drills

There is a kid in my area who spends lots of time working out with a “skills trainer,” and his trainer swears that he is the best player to come out of the area in twenty years. The kid is 6-5 and is entering his junior year in the fall. He has an outstanding jump […]

Dominate The Low Post

You may have heard people say that basketball lacks “true” post players today. Compared to the 80s and 90s, that’s probably true. There isn’t a Hakeem Olajuwon or Kevin McHale in the NBA today with a menu full of low-post moves to feast on. Take a look at the best players in the league, though, […]

5 Minute Handles – Basketball Dribbling Drills

Ball handling is often the most overlooked aspect of basketball. Its something that you can do or you can’t, right? Wrong! Just like shooting isn’t a “can or can’t” skill, neither is ball handling. The difference is that there is no concrete evidence that you are becoming a better ball handler. If you are working […]

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