Mike A.

Because of my height my coaches always played me at the post. But I wanted to expand my game and become a threat at the perimeter not just the post. The drills in the Unstoppable Offense Program gave me the handles and shooting ability to embarrass any post player who guards me. If they sag off I can rain three pointers, if they get up on me then I am at the basket before they know what happened. In this era of basketball you need to be a versatile player to succeed at high levels of basketball, and that is exactly what I have become. Thanks Boost!

Andrea W

The drills and workouts in Boost Basketball’s Unstoppable Offense Program are what helped me earn a NCAA Division 1 basketball scholarship out of high school. The drills are easy to follow, yet high intensity, in order to simulate game speed. Working hard and focusing on the details, as outlined in these workouts, is what took my game to the next level. I am smaller in size than most NCAA Division 1 female athletes so working on my speed, agility, shot accuracy, and endurance were key factors to my success. The Boost Basketball’s Unstoppable Offense Program focuses on all of these key factors and if followed at maximum speed, can take any player to the next level.

Sara L.

Our daughter has worked with Coach Tate for the last 2 years. Under his guidance, her ball handling and shooting skills have dramatically improved. Coach Tate’s drills, workouts and advice over the years have given her a strong understanding of the game that will carry her through her basketball career.

Tyler W.

The drills and workouts in Boost Basketball’s Unstoppable Offense Program are exactly what helped me excel at the High School, Junior College and NCAA Division 1 levels. It’s great to see that Boost Basketball was able to teach these drills in easy to follow videos and then give easy to follow workouts. By doing workouts just like these I was able to lead my High School Basketball (Santa Cruz High School) team to three straight league championships and earn all-league honors. During my Junior College (Cabrillo College) career I averaged 13.4 points per game and was ranked in the top 10 three point shooters in California with a 48.3% field goal percentage from behind the arc. I went on to play NCAA Division 1 basketball at Utah State where I shot 66.7% from the field and 50% from three point range.

Casson R

I have worked with Coach Tate for the past three years. Working with Coach Tate has given me confidence in my basketball ability. My skills have improved all around but especially my offensive skills. I have confidence receiving the ball at the post and making a strong move. But I can also handle the ball and make moves from the perimeter that get me easy scoring opportunities. I have seen my offensive stats consistently improve. I also became the MVP on my AAU basketball team which placed 2nd in the Northern California / Nevada Regional AAU Championship. I also received MVP this year in my school Junior High School Basketball league.

Cecilia R.

As a former division I athlete, I needed to maintain a high level of training without getting hurt. Boost basketball is where I would go to get me ready for the season. I would recommend Boost basketball to any player, parent, coach or instructor who wants to shorten the learning curve, reduce injuries from bad mechanics, and take their game to the next level. Now as a Division I college basketball coach I integrate boost basketball drills into my individual workouts as well as practice. Fundamental is what is missing and Boost Basketball will make you better!

Johann S.

The Boost Basketball System is simply the best training system for basketball players that I have ever seen. I love the Unstoppable Offense Program, I can put defenders on the floor with the ball handling I have developed. After I blow past them a couple times they back off so I just drain shots on them. The way the Unstoppable Offense Program is put together makes it impossible not to become an offensive threat. I have become an all around scoring threat, no matter what the defense does I know I can create points off it. Great work Boost and keep the training programs coming.